10 Common Oily Skin Makeup Questions Answered

Here are the answers to the questions that beginners often ask about properly applying Makeup for oily skin.

1. What equipment do I need to properly apply my makeup for oily skin ?

You need a brush to apply the powder evenly. These brushes should be round in shape.

Blush brushes allow you to apply the blush regularly because they are specially designed to define the natural curves of the cheekbones.

You also need a fine brush to comb and give shape to your eyebrows.

You can apply foundation with a sponge or special makeup with your fingers.

Accessories for your makeup should be clean and of good quality.


2. Why Should I use a face powder?

Face powders give your skin a matte appearance and set the foundation.

The powder also allows you to set your makeup and concealer.

The powder is the best way to quickly touch up your makeup during the day.

There are two types of powder: the compact and loose powder. The compact powder helps to maintain a matte appearance and is rather loose powder as a base for makeup.

3. Why do I need a foundation for oily skin?

The foundation offers an even complexion, its a base for makeup application.

The foundation covers imperfections and areas of discoloration, hiding the small buttons, red, black and white spots.

A foundation must be applied immediately after the application of moisturizer.

4. How can I choose the best foundation for oily skin?

Selecting the right color and type of the foundation can be difficult.

There are various grades and textures on the market.

The ladies who have oily skin should choose a foundation that contains very little or Oil-free, the liquid foundation would be the best decision.

5. May the blushes change the shape of my face?

Yes blush can help change the shape of your face. It rounds the long faces and stretches round faces.

The blush should always be applied after foundation and with a special brush for blush. Use special makeup for oily skin.

6. Is it true that the foundation stifles skin?

This is wrong, today, these products don’t clog the pores.

Most foundations protect your skin against the harmful influences of the environment and UV rays.

They moisturize and nourish your skin. Some even have an anti-aging effect.

7. How can I make my lips look fuller?

You can make your lips look fuller with the help of a very specific and well-applied makeup.

Apply a layer of powder on your lips to make the color more intense. The edge of your upper lip should be printed lipstick or gloss.

Carefully apply the lipstick, add some gloss in the middle of the lips.

To increase the size of your lips draw your lips when choosing a darker color.

8. How can I have wider eyes?

To make your eyes look wider, you must choose the right color of eyeshadow and eyeliner.

apply a light eyeshadow color on the inner corner of the eye, and a darker complexion on the remaining surface of the eye.

Use a white eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye.

Curl your lashes for having an innocent look, then apply two coats of black or brown mascara.

9. How can I have a deeper look ?

For a deeper look, draw the eye (near the eyelashes) with a black or brown eyeliner. Use a small brush to spread.

10. How can I hide dark circles?

To hide dark circles use a concealer. Apply it before foundation. Make sure you pick makeup for oily skin.

Choose a yellow concealer or peach color to neutralize the blue and green circles. Apply thereafter a translucent powder.

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