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the best powder foundation for oily skin

The face powder is one of the essential beauty products for a simple and effective makeup. It is important to apply powder before going out to work in the morning. The face powder is probably one of the most used cosmetics in the world, it is the

5 best foundations for oily skin

Foundations for oily skin, what is it exactly? What’s the point? And most importantly, which to choose? Don’t worry, I will explain EVERYTHING! A Foundation for oily Skin, it can be used for several things: -> Optimize makeup staying -> ‘Smooth the complexion “to make pores less visible

The Best way to do a face wash for oily skin

It is essential to do a face wash for oily skin every day, no matter what your age or skin type. When you do a face wash for oily skin to remove all impurities, makeup residue and grease, and if they were not removed, can cause serious skin problems:

Best home remedies for oily skin

Learn the top 10 secrets to looking young naturally… Just download this FREE report over here. Oily skin can be unsightly when bright reflections are visible on parts of the face such as the chin, nose or forehead. This type of skin is characterized more by

10 Best Oily Skin Treatments

Pores, shine, dull complexion … Oily skin is packed with issues that are not just about teenagers. For pimples and blackheads can also show up on adult faces. Do not panic! Here are ten good tips to remember for the best oily skin Treatment. 1. Clean your

Best way to control oily skin

You’re Faced with very specific skin problems – blemishes, shine, enlarged pores, blackheads – oily skin need a suitable care ritual. What cream to choose? What products to use for healthy skin? What foundation to put down the brightness and display a zero defect complexion? Rodolphe Bories,

5 Best Night Creams for Oily Skin

Choose your cream based on your skin. If your skin is oily and you don’t find the suitable night cream for oily skin, don’t worry, we will tell you what to take and what to do!   Oily skin is shiny and have a tendency to have blackheads.

best sunscreens for oily skin

So each skin has a sun protection factor ,but you can go even further, by choosing a sunscreen whose application is appropriate to the epidermis. Learn the top 10 secrets to looking young naturally… Just download this FREE report over here. Because although the most popular sunscreen

Best Matte Foundation for Oily Skin

The mattifying Foundation is for normal to combination skin looking to fight against the brightness mainly located in the forehead, nose and chin, while feeling the softness and comfort of a well-hydrated skin, and also used for Oily Skin. Even Using the best matte foundation can’t fix all

The Causes and Best Treatments of Oily Skin

There are three types of skin: dry skin, normal skin (or mixed) and oily skin. The last is due to an overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands. Oily skin has some advantages: it is less sensitive to irritation and skin diseases (eg eczema..). On the other