The Best way to deal with oily skin for men

Having oily skin for men and dealing with is all the time is Not very pleasant nor very classy, these problems can be easily dealt with. There are many solutions and, like dry skin, oily skin is fragile. It is therefore recommended to take care of if you do not want to suffer from acne or glossy effect, which can be seen as a lack of hygiene.

Physiological causes of oily skin for men

Oily skin in men has a very simple and natural explanation. This fat sweat through the pores called sebum. Produced by the sebaceous glands, its role is to moisturize the skin by reducing evaporation of water and protect it from external aggressions. On the face, it’s the same thing with the hydro-lipid film (water + fat). But when this natural defense mechanism goes awry, sometimes the sebaceous glands into overdrive. This overproduction of sebum can then give the skin a shiny appearance, or be synonymous with acne and blackheads. Excess fat then clogs the pores and causes a mini-infection that has the gift of life miserable teenagers and 20% of adult men with acne known as “severe.”

Solutions to fight against oily skin for menhow to deal with oily skin for men

Despite its rugged appearance, oily skin poorly maintained can cause a lot of trouble. Here are some effective ways to take care of with a minimum of effort and find a nice man skin.

•  For beginners: the cleansing gel

First level of maintenance, cleaning gel. Once or twice a day, preferably at the end of the day, a small facelift is ideal to get rid of any excess oil last 24 hours. This prevents the pores become infected and turn into buttons and you get rid of this famous shiny appearance which may interfere. If you are short on time, do it in the shower. After all, if you wash the body, why not the face?

For advanced: the scrub

In addition to the gel scrub, the bravest can do a quick scrub once a week to clean the pores further. An ideal solution to remove these black spots that focus on the nose and display beautiful skin. If you Take the next step, go for a mild, some are too strong and can irritate the skin. Apply it well on the forehead, nose and chin. These areas are those that produce more sebum in men. The same people who molest combination skin.

For experts: the clay mask

Here it’s the last level, the “Final stage” where everyone has to decide whether or not assume such a degree of caring of your manly skin. While this may seem overwhelming at first, the clay mask is not the ultimate solution under heavy disadvantages facing the most oily skin. In addition it looks like a pottery class. But why the clay? Just because this mineral is able to absorb sebum. Just that! A magical solution that cleans, unclogs pores and removes blackheads. Only setback, it dries the skin greatly. So it is only suitable for skin care really fat. If this is the case, remember to rehydrate after removing the mask. The ideal is to keep your momentum and follow up with a moisturizing mask. Finally, Be careful, never make clay mask after shaving. This would be a new assault to your face that has already suffered razor burn and you could suffer huge irritation.

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